Bristol Docks (2)


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Bristol Docks (2). ( oil on canvas)  ( 15 inches x 10 inches Unframed)

This is the third, and possibly the last painting resulting from my trip to Bristol, and this is the second of the marine images I have captured and worked on.

As previously stated, I found the dockside at Bristol very interesting, and it provided plenty of marine material for me to work with. This second composition, though oil based and smaller than the previous one, is the same scene, but looking from the opposite direction. Some of the items have moved, but overall it is the same scene. Though simply viewed from a different aspect, the composition is entirely different. This one has a major object to the right of the foreground making the marine vessels at least appear more fragile.

I like the view of the vessels, almost lined up, and once again I am pleased with the colours and the texture of the water.

I shall probably now move on to something different, maybe some more cityscapes. I’m tempted to return to the NY/Boston sketch books


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Dimensions21.0 × 8.27 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper