Cambridge Blue


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Cambridge Blue

Acrylic on acrylic board (A3) (Unframed)

I have done a couple of acrylics and an oil as a result of my Cambridge visit in Spring 2019. This may be the last one I do, although I do have a few more images that I’ve kept in stock, in case I feel like making a return to pictures of this University town.

Of all of them, this is undoubtedly my favourite. I think it’s the best from the point of view of being a painting. I like the composition, and I was very happy with the colours and tones and the way in which the paint applied to the board. I have said before, that I wish I was more in control of this process; but somehow, it just seems to happen.

I’m thinking that I next might move on to an animal portrait, not something that I have ever before attempted, and then perhaps I might set up a still life and work directly from observation on a few of them.

But who knows? For now I am happy with this scene of Cambridge

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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper