Carwardine’s Corner. Salisbury. A3 Acrylic on Acrylic Board


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A3. acrylic on acrylic board. Carwardine’s Corner. Salisbury.

I always enjoy busy views of city streets, and most of my favourite compositions are of this type. Cities don’t have to be large and manic to provide interesting views, and places like Bath, or Salisbury are regular favourites of mine for making make paintings.

I liked this view of Salisbury. The iconic cathedral spire is evident, as it is from moist aspects in the town, and this particular corner has pleasing angles, a nice mix of traffic, people and buildings, and it maintains just a bit of the ‘outside’ cafe continental feel. It does to as well as any English town is able, which in truth, isn’t that well!

Carwardine’s Corner isn’t the correct name for this junction, but it’s how I know it and refer to it; Carwardine’s being the cafe on the right, with outside tables, where a very good and cheap English breakfast can always be purchased.

But I was happy with this composition and not too displeased with the painting style and the eventual outcome. I like the two pedestrians walking toward you, trying to escape the picture; It adds some depth and realism

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Dimensions21.0 × 8.27 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper