Farm on Lincs Wolds near to Louth Canal. A3 Acrylic on Acrylic Board


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A3. acrylic on acrylic board. Farm on Lincs Wolds, near to Louth Canal and Humber Estuary. Unframed

This painting was developed from work undertaken on a painting trip to Lincolnshire, when I stayed not far from Gainsborough. I love Lincolnshire. It’s vast views across the Wolds are awe inspiring, and the vistas take in huge areas, capturing farms, towns, villages and industrial sites.

Admittedly this view is hardly a vista. It’s a scene, looking at a collection of farm buildings across flat farmland (all land in Lincolnshire is flat). I loved the huddle of buildings. but in truth, it’s the windmills that make the composition. They add height and stature. Without them the picture would hardly be three dimensional.

I saw the view after a long walk along the old, now largely disused Louth canal. A feature unique in that it enters straight off the North Sea. Just beyond the farm and over the ridge is the Humber Estuary, where a regular passage of cargo ships can be seen entering and leaving, and where can be found an old WWII emplacement in the estuary channel

It’s a magnificent site for wild birds as well

So a quick sketch and few pictures on the camera. and I had enough material from which to make this painting.

I particularly like the middle ground, although I am less secure about the foreground. But overall, I feel it’s an OK composition.

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Dimensions21.0 × 8.27 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper