Impending snowstorm: Norwegian Fjord. A4/3 Water Colour on Water Colour paper (Copy)


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Impending Snowstorm: Norwegian Fjord. A4/3 Water Colour on Water Colour paper


I freely admit that I struggle to come to terms with water colour. I keep trying, and this is another of my most recent attempts.

It’s a water colour painting, midway in size between A3 and A4, and it’s on water colour paper,

It was taken from images collected on a recent trip to Norway. I always take my camera and I always take a small sketch book, and this image was produced from images collected by both methods. The focus of the trip was to see the Northern Lights, but the real delight was the amazing scenery that was evident all around. Everywhere you look was just a feast for the eyes. It was a truly awe inspiring place to be.

We did see the Northern Lights, which was pleasing, but most of all it was the non stop breath taking scenery that was the greatest treat.

What attracted me to this particular view was  the amazing sky. Not long after this scene was captured we encountered a heavy snow storm, which was a regular feature of the trip. The impending dark skies were very dramatic. Norway is a good place for dramatic views and amazing skies. I hope this goes a little way to show those qualities.

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