King’s College. Cambridge


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King’s College. Cambridge

Oil on Canvas (41cm x 30 cm) (Unframed)

I painted this after a trip to Cambridge in early 2019. Whilst there it was sunny and very cold, and ideal for walking around and collecting images.

King’s College is an iconic image, not just for Cambridge, but for the UK.

I have already painted and posted an interior view of the College, famous for it’s beautiful fan vaulting, and so it seemed appropriate to also paint an outside view.

I felt that as part of a street scene it would be more interesting than just a framed view of the famous chapel. So here it is.

I liked this view. I like the movement given by the swerving cyclist heading out of the left hand side of the painting. This of course breaks the rules, as movement is meant to lead the eye into the composition, but I felt this worked well enough.

Hope you like it


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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper