Lymington High Street at sunset


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Lymington High Street at sunset

(acrylic on acrylic board  (29.7mm x 42.0mm)



I was really pleased to be able to paint this from a photograph taken by my son, Matt Callaghan. He lis a keen photographer, and as this was not a photo I had taken, I probably don’t have quite the same attachment to the image as I otherwise might have. It is however, a place with which I am very familiar, given that it is where I live.

This is a pleasing and slightly unusual view of the High St, taken with a real eye for composition, and particularly for light and tone. Most people take pictures looking down the cobbles, but I think the uphill aspect and the distant pink sunset in the horizon, give great atmosphere and depth.

Usually a composition that looks up at a straight line, doesn’t work for me, but with this composition I felt the impact of distance is dramatic, broken by the small pools of light from cars or shop windows.

I found it a pleasing picture and I enjoyed painting it.

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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper