Mousehole alleyway. Cornwall


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Mousehole alleyway. Cornwall

Acrylic on acrylic board (A3) (Unframed)

This was the result of my recent trip to Cornwall. I started in Mousehole, further west than I have previously travelled on the UK mainland. A beautiful place to visit. I have already loaded two watercolour and pen drawings on this site that I did of the Lavant Tin Mine, and I did several watercolours whilst there, of St Michael’s Mount, all of them partly destroyed by heavy rain! But no matter.

This scene is not typical of my usual diet of landscape or cityscape, or indeed marine views, but I saw this view right next door to the place where I was staying for a few nights and I thought it an enchanting little space.

So here it is. I am pleased with the rather more brand treatment I gave this painting. Less focused on detail than normal. I am also pleased with the colours and tones, which for me, work rather well. I did consider leaving out the dustbin, but it was there, and so I included it. I’m still a person who paints what they see!


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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper