New York Burger Stalls


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New York Burger Stalls

Oil on Canvas 20 inches x 14 inches, (Unframed)

This is possibly the final paining I shall do from the New York trip. I’m not absolutely sure, because I have other material, and I do find painting these busy scenes very energising, and most certainly, New York was one of the most interesting places I have visited.

What particularly attracted me to this composition were the stances of the various people gathered around the focus that are the burger stands. The burger outlets themselves, seem to be incidental, but the action is mainly made up of pedestrians, some clearly tourists, and others, just New Yorkers going about their daily business of work or shopping.

I was pleased to be able to include somewhere the essential iconic yellow cab. No New York scene is complete without one of these.

The focus of attention is clearly the gaggle of people gathered at the crossing and street corner. Height is given to this composition, not so much by the skyscrapers, that inevitably make a backdrop to almost any New York scene, but rather by the modern street lamps, which tower over the image rather like new day dragons.

I hope you like it.






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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper