Old Folks Church Christmas Party


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Acrylic on Acrylic board (Circa A3) (Unframed)


I was persuaded to attend a Church old folks club, to give a talk and answer questions about my work and my modus operandi. I was happy to do this, but at the end, as I was packing up to leave I was talked into attending their pre Christmas Party, and almost as an add-on, to maybe do them a few pictures to hang up.

Everybody knows that artists work for free! I felt blackmailed, well, let’s say ‘obliged’, to go along, and so I did so, and took with me, my camera.

There resulted from this a few water colours and pen and inks, and one A3 acrylic painting, what I call my multi portrait.

I am not under any circumstances, a portrait painter, and I rather dislike doing them, and consequently, this project took me ages, because I kept putting it off. Anyway, this is the final acrylic painting. There was no charge for this, sad to say!

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Prints are available either:
1) On Dry Lab Art Paper, high-quality art paper.  All are card mounted

2) On Canvas, which is Champion Permajet Polycotten Canvas, 380gsm with 80/20 Polyester/Cotton blend. Canvas prints are frame stretched.

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Dimensions29.7 × 42 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper