Paula Griffin (Stevens) seated on floor


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Acrylic on Acrylic board (Circa A3) (Unframed) Paula is a person whom I love to paint. Her body is mature and has soft sculptural form. Small breasts, that when she is seated, rest on her stomach. She always has a look of surprise when I paint her. She is such a pleasing person to paint and has great patience. 

With this pose, she sits quite simply, on the floor. relaxed and at ease within herself. I hope to have captured something of that quality in the work.

Print Options

Prints are available either:
1) On Dry Lab Art Paper, high-quality art paper.  All are card mounted

2) On Canvas, which is Champion Permajet Polycotten Canvas, 380gsm with 80/20 Polyester/Cotton blend. Canvas prints are frame stretched.

Additional information

Dimensions 29.7 × 42 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper


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