Post in Normandy Lane, Lymington. A4 Water Colour on Water Colour Paper


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A4. Water colour on water colour paper: Post in Normandy Lane, Lymington. Unframed


This water colour was produced after a Sunday afternoon walk around the Lymington sea wall, and back along old Normandy Lane. At the time of year I took the walk, late spring/early summer, the hedgerows and bushes are burgeoning with new growth. There are wild flowers, herbs, sedges and all manner of plants and small animals, if you are prepared to take time to look and examine them,

I like to see how many plants I can still identify. My memory serves me less well these days, but practice helps. I really ought to carry my old ‘excursion flora’ with me.

It was because I was peering into the verges and bushes, that I noticed this old post. I must have passed this way many times, but never noticed it before.

It has the appearance of being very old. I imagine Victorian, but possibly older. I have absolutely no idea what it’s function was. A marker of some kind I imagine. If you do happen to know, please drop me an e mail and tell me. I remain curious.

Anyway, a quick sketch and click on the mobile ‘phone, and I had an image from which to later, produce this water colour. It was a good excuse to try to improve my poor water colour technique. It was an opportunity to put to use the masking fluid I had bought only a couple of weeks ago.

Practice makes perfect they say. I’m not so sure!

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Dimensions21.0 × 8.27 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper