River Cam. Cambridge


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River Cam. Cambridge

Oil on Canvas (12 inches x 16 inches) (Unframed)

I visited Cambridge for a few days in very early spring. Although sunny and clear, it was very cold, but the light gave the impression of summer. The temperature didn’t!

I love Cambridge. I haven’t been there for years, and when younger I used to visit ti for the day, travelling by bus from Norwich, with my Aunt. Later when working for what used to be Tolly Cobbold Breweries, I delivered to pubs in the city, and it’s always been a favourite place to visit.

I remember my flrst visit inside King’s College, at a time when entry to both buildings and grounds were free, seeing Ruben’s ‘Adoration of The Maggi’, for the first time. It hadn’t even been installed on the altar, and stood by the main entrance. I was overawed.

Now I like to visit to select images to paint. This is the first. A delightful spot down Bridge Street. I hope that you like it

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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper