Salisbury Cathedral 2018 carol Service


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Salisbury Cathedral 2018 carol Service

Acrylic on Board  (A4) (Unframed)

This is what I call a ‘quickie’. I don’t know why I say that, as it took just as long to paint as an A3, given all the detail, but the term I guess is defined by the A4 format.

I did a water colour of the same scene in 2017, and when seen side by side, the content is almost identical, but of the course the media and style very different. Look up the first one on this site and compare.

I love this occasion and cannot resist taking a pic and doing a small format picture. It reminds me of the evening in the cathedral and the beautiful voices and joyous singing. Always a wonderful annual event and the real start to the Christmas period.

I’m quite happy with it. I hope that you are. I have had some postcards printed.

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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper