Bristol Docks (1)


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Bristol Docks (1). ( acrylic on acrylic board)  (A3. Unframed)

This is the second painting resulting from my trip to Bristol, and this is the first of the marine images I have captured and worked on.

I found the dockside at Bristol very interesting, and it provided plenty of marine material for me to work with. I shall certainly do at least one more dockland scene. Whilst the docks are rather ‘artificial’ now in their content; hardly working docks any more in any traditional sense, they non-the-less have quite a varied amount of marine traffic, and they still maintain a dockside proliferated with interesting machinery, albeit in an historical setting rather than a working one.

Never-the-less, this still makes for some good compositions, and I particularly liked this one, first because of the majestic crane to the left of the picture, but principally because of the water. The colours and surface texture attracted me and I enjoyed painting it

Overall it’s a composition with which I am pleased



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Dimensions21.0 × 8.27 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper