Towards Powderham from a cliff near Exmouth


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Towards Powderham from a cliff near Exmouth

Oil on Canvas (12 inches x 16 inces) (Unframed)

This is the first of two oils that I intend painting from the Exmouth sketchbook. I love Exmouth and it’s broad vistas over the estuary of the River Exe, and on this warm early summer’s day, it was exceptionally clear, and the details of Powderham, across the river, were beautifully concise and crisp.

When I worked as a young teacher at a High School in Exeter, and before we had children, on a warm summer after work we would head off in the car to Exmouth and take to the beach. I used to swim in the estuary, which has the advantage of being very deep as soon as you step in. Therefore you never needed to head out far from the shore. The current was so strong, whichever way the tide was running, that you could swim against the current for ages and merely stay still.

After a swim it was a firm favourite to get fish and chips and take them up to Woodbury Common, and sit and eat them as the sun set over Dartmoor.

So it was with happy memories and great affection that I returned to Exmouth for this painting trip, and that I have painted this picture.

It’s not at all what I intended when I started. It’s one of those pictures where the brushes and tubes of paint just took command. But I’m happy with it all the same.


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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper