Yacht on Northumberland Beach


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Yacht on Northumberland Beach  Oil on Canvas (12 inches x 16 inches Unframed)


I dug out this sketch from a trip to Northumberland and Scotland of some several years ago. I’m not exactly sure where it is, but I suspect that’s Bamborough Castle in the background.

I remember the holiday well, excellent weather and wonderful places we visited. The Farne Islands were amazing, and then on to Scotland, our first visit north of the boarder.

I recall our day on the beaches around Bamborough, the Castle and tea rooms nearby. Miles of flat sand and glorious views in every direction. I don’t recall this exact scene. But obviously the composition attracted me, as it did again looking at it recently when scanning old sketches and photographs

I like the monotone nature of the scene and the serenity. The castle way back makes a good backdrop..

I’m happy with the colours and textures on the paint. satisfactory I think


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Dimensions40.64 × 60.96 cm

Original, Canvas Print, Mounted Art Paper