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Shizzy at her front door

Acrylic on Acrylic Board (circa A4) (Unframed)

As I wrote earlier Shizzy is a delightful Chinese teacher who for almost two years has lodged next door. A few weeks ago I painted her portrait as an acrylic sketch, and as a result of that she has asked me to paint a commission piece for her.

As a memento to take back to China she wanted a painting of the front of the house, with her in the doorway. She very much wanted it with the summer roses in bloom.

She gave me two photographs, one winter view with her standing in the doorway, and a summer view with summer foliage, but without her.

I used photoshop to merge the images, and from the resulting image drafted the painting.

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Singer at The Avon Brewery pub, Salisbury
Singer at The Avon Brewery Pub, Salisbury

I visited The Avon Brewery pub in Salisbury, in June 2015, with a group of friends to celebrate the end of the previous football season, and Bournemouth gaining promotion. They serve Portuguese food: excellent. During the evening this singer set … Read More

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The Blue Sofa


Acrylic on Acrylic Board (circa A3) (Unframed)

I thought it about time that from time to time, I moved away from, my ‘picture postcard’ images and tried to paint things that were more everyday. What in my mind I think of as ‘conversational pieces’. That is images that might be the sort of thing that I might see in my daily moving around. Figures in particular, not posed for a commission image, but just as they are, in situ.


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The Delightful Sarah Spencer USA
The Delightful Sarah Spencer: USA

I encountered Sarah, a very interesting young lady and a talented painter, via Twitter. Initial discussion about art work led to longer correspondence and we exchanged photographs that we had taken of ourselves with a view to each of us … Read More

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The Wedding Day

Acrylic on Acrylic Board (circa A4) (Unframed) This painting was a small commission. I had previously undertaken a commission, a painting of one of the Italian Lakes, which was a wedding present. Some time later, the recipient of the picture … Read More

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This portrait is a commission. It was painted from a photograph sent to me via an e mail. I have had to take out the background and make a few minor changes, otherwise, hopefully the likenessĀ is an accurate one. I … Read More

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