Cambridge street (2)

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Cambridge Street (2). (Acrylic on Acrylic Board) (A3 unframed)

I thought that I had competed all of the Cambridge compositions that I was going to do. After my trip to Cambridge over a year ago, I still have several images that I thought might be suitable for painting, but I have so much material thta is fresher, I had rather moved on.

But I saw this one again, and quite liked it, so here it is.

Strangely, as I painted this one, it rather took on the feel of two pictures. The upper part of the composition, all that brickwork and stone took an age. I got very involved in textures, and I kept well away form the more abstract and busier section on the lower part of the pac.

Ultimately, of course, I had to tackle it. It felt a very different style of painting. I was not at all sure about it as I painted it, but now it’s complete, I find I rather like it.